There was a big shakeup in the polls, but not at the top where both the Associated Press and USA Today agree on the four teams at the top...but not in the same order.

Alabama, after shutting out LSU Saturday night, remained number one, getting all but one first place vote in the AP (Michigan) and all but two in the USA Today/Amway Poll (Clemson).  Michigan is rated second and Clemson third in the AP poll, with the two teams reversed in the coaches' poll.  Both teams agree with Washington in the fourth spot.

LSU fell to #19 in both polls after the loss to Alabama.

The Big Ten has three of the top seven teams, with Ohio State and Wisconsin joining the Wolverines.  The SEC also has three teams in the AP Poll (#8 Auburn and #10 Texas A&M).  A&M is ranked eleventh in the coaches' poll.

The biggest rise was Penn State, who advanced from #20 to #12 in the AP, and from #23 to #14 in the coaches' poll.

For the second straight week, both polls agree on all 25 teams in the poll.