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Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, of the Green Bay Packers, is ranked as the top fantasy player


Preparing for your NFL fantasy draft?

Well, maybe we can help.

Interesting, that they have 14 quarterbacks listed before they get to any other position.

So, does that mean that a good running back, or a good wide receiver are more valuable? I mean, think about it; if all these quarterbacks are going to put up all these good numbers, then wouldn't that make a running back, who doesn't share a lot of time, a better first round pick than a quarterback in the 6-14 range?

What Bleacher Report is doing here is listing who they think are the best 50 fantasy football players, and not necessarily saying that these guys should be drafted 1-50. Really, you wouldn't make Brandon Weedon the 26th pick in your draft, would you?

Calvin Johnson is the first receiver listed, at #25