"My name is Willie...Willie Beamen....And all my fans... are screa-min'...You gon' defeat me? You drea-min'."

Where does Jamie Foxx's "Willie Beamen "from Any Given Sunday rank among the top 20 movie quarterback draft board?

"I don't want your life!" How about James Van Der Beek's "Jonathan 'Mox' Moxon" from Varsity Blues?

SI.com's blog Extra Mustard has the top 20 movie QB draft, along with video evidence. I won't spoil much, but it is worth noting that Keanu Reeves made the list twice. For a guy who is labeled a "bad actor" by many, he has played several athletes. And thanks to this gem from Grantland, we know that Reeves is one of the worst athletes to walk the face of the earth. Perhaps he's a better actor than anyone realizes.

Click here to see the QB movie draft, and let us know of any glaring omissions.