Being drafted #1 overall as a quarterback in the NFL usually means you will become one of two things...boom or bust. While there are a few examples of guys like Carson Palmer and Alex Smith who fall somewhere in the middle, you usually gets busts like JaMarcus Russell and Tim Couch, or booms like Terry Bradshaw (pictured) and Peyton Manning.

Sports blogger Lee Andrew Henderson has compiled his list of the top 10 Quarterbacks Drafted #1 in NFL History. Oddly enough, three players that made the list (Jim Plunkett, Eli Manning, John Elway) won Super Bowls for teams that didn't draft them.

I don't know what's worse, drafting a QB bust #1 overall, or drafting a Super Bowl winning QB with the #1 overall pick, only to see him succeed elsewhere.

Click here to see Henderson's analysis and top 10 list. One name I don't agree with is #8 Carson Palmer. While Palmer had two great seasons in Cincinnati, I believe he falls somewhere in the middle of the "boom or bust" debate. Just my opinion.