If you're older than 30, you've lived through the evolution of video games. From playing pong on Atari, to now playing Madden '13 against competitors all over the globe...from your couch. Yes, video games have come a long way, but that doesn't mean that new is always better.

From 4-bit to 3D, baseball video games have been around since electronic gaming began.

One of my all time favorites is RBI baseball (the first one, though it did spawn some solid follow ups). It was the first game to reach a deal with the MLBPA. Being able to throw as Nolan Ryan (even if he looked like a swollen nodule) blew my mind as a young kid.

Stack.com has compiled their list of the top 10 baseball video games of all time. I'm happy to say that RBI baseball made the cut, as did World Series of Baseball (pictured). I won't spoil the rest of the list. Click here to check it out, and reminisce about your youth.

How many of these have you played? Are there any gratuitous omissions?