Is it time to stop the LeBron James hating? Jason Whitlock, of, thinks so.

Miami Heat forward LeBron James

Personally, I'm not a LeBron "hater". I certainly didn't care for "The Decision", the fact he didn't let the Cavaliers know his plans until right before "The Decision", or the over-the-top prediction of multiple championships for the Heat, by James, Dwyane Wade, an Chris Bosh. I also thought he could have handled leaving the city of Cleveland, and the state of Ohio, a little bit better. It's his home state, and he was beloved there. But LeBron didn't commit a crime. He didn't do anything most would consider immorally wrong. He played out his contract, then decided on a city, and a franchise in which he thought was better for him. What exactly is so wrong with that?

Now, I'm no Heat fan. Growing up, I always pulled for the underdog, so I'll be pulling against the Heat for at least the next five years. But that's just sports-related. It's certainly nothing personal against LeBron.