LSU released a story this morning saying the proposed new contract for head football coach Les Miles will go before the LSU Board of Supervisors on February 1.

The release by Senior Associate Athletics Director Herb Vincent says the new contract will be for seven years at $4.3 million per year, an increase from the $3.751 million he has been earning.

Some people will look at that number.  Those who have been critical of Miles need to look at these:

*Since 2005 when he became head coach, Les Miles has won more games overall than any school in the SEC.

*Les Miles' winning percentage of .802 is not only the best in LSU history, it is the fifth best in the history of the Southeastern Conference.

*Under Les Miles, 167 players have gotten college degrees.  LSU's graduation rate during that tenure trails only Vanderbilt.

And, of course, Miles has won a BCS National Championship and played for a second.

Yet the man is still the most underappreciated coach Ive ever run across.

Yes, some of his calls are unorthodox.  Yes, some of those calls have blown up in his face.  He's had a couple of games where clock management comes into question.

Here's the only thing you need to remember:


Enough said.