The New York Yankees have the most championships.

The New York Yankees have the biggest following.

The New York Yankees have the biggest payroll.

The New York Yankees also have the biggest sense of entitlement.

After their game over the weekend with Baltimore was rained out, the Orioles said they wanted to reschedule the game for September 8th.

And, the Yankees immediately started crying.

September 8th is one of two open dates the Yankees have left in the season.  The other is September 15th, which really isn't a day off since New York will be traveling from Seattle to Toronto that day.

The Yankees wanted to only play the game at the end of the season if the division title was up for grabs.  Otherwise, they just wanted to blow it off.  Or, play an Orioles home game in the Bronx when Baltimore traveled to New York.

Can you just hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the poor overworked boys from the Bronx.

Aw man, boss, I mean, I've only got one real day off in the next month and you're asking me to go to work...I mean, I'm tired and this is going to be a real hardship on me and my boys.  I'm gonna go to the corporate office and complain....

Try that with your boss.  See how far it gets you.

The game was postponed because, well, there was this thing called Hurricane Irene.  The storm wreaked havoc along the eastern seaboard.  It claimed lives and millions along the coast were without power.  There was wind damage.  There was flooding.

But hey, we're the Yankees.  We shouldn't have to endure this kind of hardship.  I mean, it's our day off.


Needless to say, the Orioles weren't impressed.

Finally, after player rep Curtis Granderson talked to the union and realized that the protest was fruitless, the Yankees acquiesced.

Big of them, don't you think?