This is video of Jiwan James, a centerfielder for the Reading Phillies, of the Philadelphia Phillies minor league system, making a fabulous catch...well, almost.

It was called a catch, but even though it was a terrific effort, I think they got the call wrong.

James climbs the wall, and goes for the catch, with the ball knocking his glove off his hand.

When the ball hits his glove, it slowed down it's momentum, and forces it to come straight down.

Either the ball got trapped against James' body and the wall, or it hit the wall and fell to the ground before he picked it up, but either way, the ball hit the wall first.

That makes it a "no catch".

I'm not criticising the umpires here, and that play is almost impossible to call, even if they would have access to replay, but if the ball hits the wall then it's not a catch.

Still a great play though!