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From the Bird’s Nest: Five Intriguing Games This Weekend
Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the number of undefeated teams in college football decrease significantly as top teams play one another.  While there are no unbeaten vs. unbeaten matchups this week, there are some games that will certainly affect the top ten...
USC/Utah Scoring Controversy
Imagine you're in Las Vegas, at Caesars Palace, and you bet $20 on USC to win, while giving 8.5 points to Utah.
So, USC is winning, 17-14, when on the last play of the game, the Trojans block an attempted Utah field goal, and return it for a touchdown.
That makes it 23-17, USC. So, you win, right…
2012 NFL Mock Draft
Ok, we know the 2011 college football season hasn't even started yet, but who are going to be the players that pro scouts will be paying the most attention to?

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