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Will Miami Get The Death Penalty?
In the wake of a Yahoo! sports report that opened the shades on one of the biggest college athletic scandals in history, many are questioning what punishment the NCAA will hand to the University of Miami once their investigation is complete. Could the death penalty be a possibility?
Ex-Miami Booster Gave Illicit Benefits To Players
Nevin Shapiro was recently incarcerated for his role in a $930 million Ponzi scheme. Now that he's behind bars, Shapiro is talking about all the illicit gifts he gave to University of Miami athletes when he was a renegade booster. Shapiro estimates the costs of his NCAA rule-breaking gifts was …
Jimmy Graham Finding His Way
Jimmy Graham is overwhelmingly athletic. The fact that he's only played organized football for one and a half seasons, and is now scoring touchdowns for the defending Super Bowl champions is evidence of his sheer athleticism.