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Harvey Updyke Arrested in Hammond
You remember Harvey Updyke, the Alabama fan accused of poisoning  the trees at Toomer's Corner in Auburn?
Well, Harvey's troubles keep mounting.
Already facing three counts in the Auburn case, Updyke was arrested in Hammond back on September 18th and booked into the Hammond City Jail on…
Alleged Auburn tree poisoner makes radio appearance
Harvey Updyke, who originally appeared on the nationally syndicated show to say that he had poisoned the trees, appeared in court on Wednesday.  The case has yet to go to a grand jury.
Updyke says that after his appearance at the pre-trial hearing, he was attacked outside an Opelika convenience …
When Does Fandom Go Too Far?
The sports story that swept across America about a 62 year Alabama fan poisoning the oak trees at Auburn's sacred Toomer's Corner has received strong reactions. Many were shocked by the story. Or were they?