Soccer Goalie Gets Beat, By The Net
Soccer goalies, no matter how good they are, are going get beaten, occasionally.
But by the net!?
This is video of a soccer goalie getting owned by the net of the goal he was guarding.
Keep you eye on the goalie, who is is black.
Soccer Fan Sucker Punches Player During Game
A soccer fan in Romania was charged Monday with running onto the field and breaking a player’s cheekbone.
The criminal act triggered more violence and forced the game to be called off.
The player remained hospitalized with a broken right cheekbone.
Too bad they didn't give the…
Robot Soccer Goalie Shuts Out Shooters [VIDEO]
If you think soccer is a low-scoring sport now, just wait until the robot goalies take over. This prototype of a mechanical goalkeeper isn’t ready for a regulation net, but is able to flawlessly protect his indoor soccer-sized goal from some pretty tough shots using GPS-like technolo…
Elderly Soccer Fan Attacks Ref With His Scooter [VIDEO]
The legendary passion of the European soccer fan isn’t just for the young, apparently.
This aged spectator at a Dutch Second Division (minor league) match was so irate that the ref had showed the home team six yellow cards in a four-to-three loss that he stormed the pitch with his mobility scooter an…
Real Madrid Signs 7 Year Old
Is it the end of the world as we know it? Maybe not, but perhaps we're one step closer after the announcement that Real Madrid, one of the world's most famous soccer teams, has signed a 7 year old. Leonel Angel Coira will begin training with the team on September 6th. This is not a joke.

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