Soccer Ref Knocks Out Player, Penalizes Him With Red Card [Video]
While things can get dicey from time to time in American sports, it rarely compares with shenanigans that take place in foreign soccer leagues. For instance, soccer referee Saad Al Fadhli was working a game in the Kuwait Premiere league. When one team began intimidating him, he took matters into his…
10 Painfully Awkward Soccer Fails
One of the most popular sports around the world, soccer (or should we say, football) is super fun to watch. And any soccer fan knows that the only thing more amusing than a sick goal is an epic soccer fail. Check out some great GIFs of what can only be described as total fails. You've never see…
Soccer Player Takes Viscious Kick To The Face [Video]
Perhaps the most obvious red car ever! Holy cow! This occurred Tuesday at a 2014 World Cup qualifier between the Ukraine and Moldova. Despite holding a 2-1 lead with only seconds left, Ukraine's Taras Stepanenko delivers this flying kick to the head of an unfortunate Moldovan defender.

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