Which Conference Is Better…The SEC Or The Big XII?
The SEC has been considered the top football conference in the country for  a long time now.
But has the Big XII closed the gap this year?
The SEC has what many consider the top two teams in the country, in Alabama and LSU, but the Big XII has two top-five teams themselves, in Oklahoma and Oklahoma St…
The 50 Greatest SEC College Football Players Ever
No doubt, there has been many great players take the field on SEC teams over the years.
College football greats, such as Billy Cannon, Joe Namath, John Hannah, Derrick Thomas, Steve Psurrier, Emmitt Smith, Bo Jackson, Tim Tebow, and Herschel Walker, have all played in the SEC.
But who are the 50 best …
Pac-12 Says No to Expansion
The Pac-12 Conference announced last night they would not expand in the forseeable future.
That put an end to the speculation that four Big 12 schools were ready to bolt and form a super-conference, the Pac-16.
No formal vote was taken on the four schools and the four schools did not formally apply...
Lack Of Smart Thinking In Conference Realignments
Last year, Nebraska left the Big XII to join the Big Ten, while Colorado left the Big XII to join Utah, who left the Mountain West Conference, to join the new Pac-12.
Recently, Texas A&M announced they will leave the Big XII, and are expected to join the SEC, and recent reports say that Missouri …
Baylor Blocking A&M’s Move to SEC??
The potential threat of legal action is standing in the way of Texas A&M's move to the SEC.
The presidents of the SEC want assurance that no Big XII will sue for contractual interference before formally accepting the Aggies into the league.  ...
Will Oklahoma Be Next to Leave Big XII??
With the departure of Texas A&M from the Big XII believed to be immanent, The University of Oklahoma has announced they are reviewing their options as well.
OU President David Boren says multiple conferences have shown an interest in his school in recent weeks and said he will make a decision…

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