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2012 Sporting Year’s Best Quotes
"I did everything I wanted to. I finished my career the way I wanted to," - American swimmer Michael Phelps after retiring with 18 gold medals. "This isn't about bragging rights. This is a lot bigger. This is about a team, an organization being named world champions," - New …
NFLPA, Players Don’t Want Tagliabue Either!
The players in the New Orleans Saints bounty program succeeded in getting commissioner Roger Goodell to recuse himself.
Now, they want the same for his predecessor.
The NFL Players Association, along with four current and former Saints players, have filed a motion in U...
NFLPA Requests Paul Tagliabue Prove Neutrality
The NFL players' union has sent a letter to former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue asking him to clarify several potential conflicts of interest when he hears the appeals of the New Orleans Saints' bounty case. The concern from the union stems from the fact that...
Is the NFL Pro Bowl About to Go Away?
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says if the play doesn't get better, the Pro Bowl might just go away.
Goodell agreed with critics that last January's game was pretty bad.  There was very little hard hitting at all in the game, won by the AFC, 59-41...
Vilma Practices with Saints
Jonathan Vilma's return to the New Orleans Saints was met with applause from his teammates.
Vilma practiced for the first time this season today as he tries to get ready to play against Tampa Bay this Sunday.
It could be the only chance he gets...
Judge Rules Goodell Must Turn Over Bounty Docs
A federal magistrate in New Orleans has ruled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell must provide the court with documentation related to the alleged Saints bounty program.
However, judge Daniel Knowles said the NFL must turn the documents over to the court, and not to Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma...

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