replacement officials

Goodell Apologizes to Fans….Sort of
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today said the NFL was apologetic the agreement with the NFL referees association took so long, but continued to spin the job done by the replacement officials.
While apologizing, Goodell continued to deny using replacement officials increased the chances of egregious m…
NFL: No Deal for Refs
Many believed the controversial ending of the Monday Night Football game in Seattle would mean an end to the deadlock between the league and the NFL Referees' Association.
But, even that wasn't enough for the two sides to come to an agreement...
Replacement Officals to Work Saints Game Sunday
With all the talk about bounties and suspensions during the offseason, there's a story in the NFL that's kind of been lost in the shuffle.
Members of the NFL Referees Association were locked out on June 3 after the union and the league failed to reach agreement on a new contract...