NFL And Referees Reach Deal To End Lockout, Replacements Done
Hallelujah football fans! The NFL and the locked-out officials have reached an agreement to end the lockout, and return the Ed Hochuli's of the world back to the football field. After 48 hours of non-stop negotiations, the two sides finally came to a concurrence. Bye, bye replacement officials.…
NFL: No Deal for Refs
Many believed the controversial ending of the Monday Night Football game in Seattle would mean an end to the deadlock between the league and the NFL Referees' Association.
But, even that wasn't enough for the two sides to come to an agreement...
NFL Replacement Refs During the Regular Season?
Players are being openly critical.
Coaches are quietly grumbling.
The subject is the replacement referees that have worked the first full week of the preseason, and it appears they may be working at least at the beginning of the regular season as well...