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Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach convicted of child molestation, has received a sentence of 30-60 years in prison.
Sandusky has maintained his innocence and an appeal is expected.
Sandusky could have received up to 442 years in prison...
The NCAA Gets One Right – From the Bird’s Nest
I've been as big a critic of the NCAA and the way they do business for many years.
Their arbitrary way of issuing punishment, some of it for the silliest of infractions, has been a head-scratcher.
But, on Monday, the NCAA showed they can get it right...
Should Penn State Football Get the Death Penalty??
An internal probe into the Jerry Sandusky affair and its aftermath has resulted in a scathing indictment of Penn State, it's former idolized coach, former president and athletic director.
The Freeh report, issued today, said Penn State's hierarchy, including former coach Joe Paterno, covere…
50 Biggest Sports Stories Of The Year
Penn State's scandal, UConn's run to the NCAA basketball championship, Chris Paul's trade to the Clippers and all the drama leading up to it, Rory McIlroy's U.S. Open win, and 46 other stories made the list for the biggest sports stories of the year. Here are the top 50.

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