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Top NFL Rookies Of 2012
The best rookie in the NFL season this season has probably been Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.
Miller has been a big reason why the Broncos are now a contender for the division title in the AFC West, with his 9.5 sacks, in ten games.
I'd put Cam Newton as the second-best rookie, so far. Newton …
Peterson Denies Association With Lyles
Former LSU All-American Patrick Peterson has released a statement denying any association with trainer Will Lyles. This comes on the heels of a former Texas A&M coach claiming Lyles asked for $80,000 to secure Peterson's recruitment to the Aggies.
Ridley Runs To The NFL
LSU's leading rusher and starting running back Stevan Ridley will forgo his senior year, and enter the NFL draft. Ridley claimed it was the toughest decision he's ever made.

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