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What Athletes Have Been Most Influential?
TIME magazine released it's yearly list of the top 100 most influential people in the world. In no particular order, six athletes made the cut. Only two of those athletes are American, and neither guy has made an All-Star game in their respective sport. However, their influence is unchallenged,…
“Hurricane” Jeremy Lin Has Super Powers [VIDEO]
Some people say New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has super powers, and this may be proof.
For you non-wrestling fans, Lin is portrayed as "Hurricane" Lin, as a spoof to former WWE wrestler "Hurricane" Helms.
The other stuff is just great, with Lebron James playing Johnny, and Dwyan…
Jeremy Lin and ‘Linsanity’ Is Now a Hilarious Musical
Jeremy Lin and the ‘Linsanity’ that he created amongst fans with his nerd-chic Cinderella story has officially crossed over into the world of musical theater. While breaking into song may not be the best way to tell your peers that you are a future basketball star, his incredib…
David Letterman Tackles the Worst Jeremy Lin Puns
Jeremy Lin’s rise from obscure benchwarmer to NBA sensation has been the feel good story of February. However, there has been a dark side to the New Knicks point guard’s improbable ascent: the terrible, awful puns based on his last name.
10 Things You Need to Know About Jeremy Lin
Even if you aren’t a sports fan, you’ve probably been hearing an awful lot about this Jeremy Lin fellow. The New York Knicks point guard’s completely-out-of-nowhere run began on February 3rd when the-then obscure bench warmer came off the pine to spur the Knicks to a victory over the New Jersey Nets…
Jeremy Lin Wants To Copyright "Linsanity"
You probably won’t be surprised about this, but Jeremy Lin would rather have control over his name. And following his astronomical rise to fame, there’s been a just as astronomical rise in pirate Linsanity merchandise. But can he trademark his own name?
Is This the Best Jeremy Lin Pun So Far??
As New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin's legend continues to grow, one pun after another using Lin's name has popped up.
But is this the best one so far?
Unless you're a family member...
Who’s Cashing In on Jeremy Lin’s Success? — Dollars and Sense
Unless you’ve been involved in a total media blackout, you’ve likely heard about Jeremy Lin — aka “Linsation” — the New York Knicks guard who’s such an on-court phenomenon that TV ratings of Knicks games have jumped 70 percent, causing the publicly traded stock of Madison Square Garden, where the te…

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