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Every Air Jordan Commercial Ever, From First To Last [Video]
It's hard to believe there have been well over 50 Air Jordan commercials through the years. Michael Jordan's Nike shoe commercials are as iconic as they are memorable. How many of these do you remember? How many did you forget. Take a trip down memory lane, from the first Air Jordan, to th…
Michael Jordan, The Ultimate Rim Attacker [Video]
One of the many great things about YouTube is all the old sports videos. Reminiscing about the great Michael Jordan today, I felt the urge to watch a few old highlights. This video is the best of the bunch. Plenty of great players have attacked the rim, but none have done it like MJ did.
Are My Jordan Shoes Fake?
One of the most popular shoes ever created are Air Jordans. NBA Great Michael Jordan launched his Nike shoe line since 1985, and has new designs released annually. Similar to sports jerseys, rolexes, Louis Vuitton, and anything else that's expensively in demand, Jordans can often be counterfeit…

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