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QB Trade Market Can Be Deceptive
Before the NFL lockout began 118 days ago, the Seattle Seahawks reportedly offered the Philadelphia Eagles a trade package that included a first-round pick in exchange for quarterback Kevin Kolb. Matt Hasselbeck is set to become a free agent when the lockout is lifted, and Charlie Whitehurst is not …
Brady Wins AP Offensive POY
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was named the Associated Press Offensive Player of the Year, on Tuesday, marking the second time in four years that he's won the honor. The Associated Press, courtesy of, has the story, below.
Homeless Man Is Fantasy King
Over three million people from around the world competed in's fantasy football this year. Many of you may think you have had a dream fantasy season. Chances are, it does not compare to Nathan Harrington.
Ravens Smash Chiefs
The Baltimore Ravens have moved on in the AFC playoffs, after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs, 30-7, on Sunday. The Associated Press, courtesy of has the story, below.