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Who Was the Most Annoying Person of 2012?
Well, the year is nearly over, so let's look back and hate on it a little bit. So many, many things were annoying this year. People starting saying "cray-cray" all the time, and for some reason they also all decided it was okay to waggle their chewed up gum halfway out of thei…
Epic Mash-Up Jams Every 2012 Pop Hit Into Eight Minutes
If you love dance parties, but just don't have it in you to physically move for more than 10 minutes without experiencing chest pain, here you go! This pop "danthology" squeezes 55 songs that got stuck in your head at the grocery store this year into eight minutes.
Mike Tyson Training Justin Bieber – VIDEO
This is video of Mike Tyson training Justin Bieber.
Yes, you heard me right...it's video of the "baddest man on the planet" giving some boxing tips to the teen heartthrob.
Apparently, Bieber went to Tyson's place after the recent Billboard Music Awards and showed off some …