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Miles Suspends Two Arrested LSU Players
LSU football coach Les Miles has suspended quarterback Jordan Jefferson and linebacker Josh Johns indefinitely after arrest warrants were issued for the two players earlier today.
Jefferson, who turned 21 yesterday and Johns, 21, have been charged with second degree battery, which is a felony...
Arrest Warrants Issued for Jefferson, Johns
It's being reported that arrests warrants have been issued for LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson and linebacker Josh Johns.  The report comes from
Baton Rouge Police spokesman Sgt. Don Stone issued a release confirming the warrants...
Charges Filed In LSU Bar Fight
Charges have been filed in the case of four LSU football players accused of taking part in a bar fight last Friday, this according to the Baton Rouge police department. Warrants have not been issued for any arrests, as the investigation is still on-going. Starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson, offen…
From the Bird’s Nest: Lots to Sort Out in the LSU Case
It's been a pretty rough last few months for the LSU Tigers.
The football team has been placed on probation.  Yes, the NCAA praised the Compliance department for their cooperation.  But they're still on probation.
NCAA investigators also wanted to talk to LSU about its relationship…
Four LSU Players Hire Lawyer
LSU football players Jordan Jefferson, Chris Davenport, Josh Johns, and Jarvis Landry have hired a defense attorney and delayed a meeting with police about a bar fight, according to the Baton Rouge police department. The four Tigers had been asked to go to the police station and explain their story …
Ridley Runs To The NFL
LSU's leading rusher and starting running back Stevan Ridley will forgo his senior year, and enter the NFL draft. Ridley claimed it was the toughest decision he's ever made.

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