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Jerry Jones Has His Glasses Cleaned – VIDEO
Ah, it's good to be rich!
Check out Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones having his glasses cleaned during Wednesday night's NFL season opener between the Cowboys and the New York Giants.
I'm seeing where a lot of sites are saying the guy cleaning Jones' glasses is his butle…
Did Tony Romo Diss Jerry Jones?
When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, dramatic headlines fester like a shark in bloody water. The latest involves starting quarterback Tony Romo and his owner Jerry Jones. Video caught Tony Romo ignoring his owner and brushing him away as Jones tugged at Romo's jersey during the Cowboys home los…
Payton Not Going Anywhere
Rumors were rampant throughout Super Bowl Sunday that Saints coach Sean Payton was leaving New Orleans for Dallas to take the general manager job with the Cowboys. The Saints have issued a statement. Did they really need to? Let's examine.