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10 Things You Need to Know About Jeremy Lin
Even if you aren’t a sports fan, you’ve probably been hearing an awful lot about this Jeremy Lin fellow. The New York Knicks point guard’s completely-out-of-nowhere run began on February 3rd when the-then obscure bench warmer came off the pine to spur the Knicks to a victory over the New Jersey Nets…
Jeremy Lin Wants To Copyright "Linsanity"
You probably won’t be surprised about this, but Jeremy Lin would rather have control over his name. And following his astronomical rise to fame, there’s been a just as astronomical rise in pirate Linsanity merchandise. But can he trademark his own name?
Is This the Best Jeremy Lin Pun So Far??
As New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin's legend continues to grow, one pun after another using Lin's name has popped up.
But is this the best one so far?
Unless you're a family member...
Hornets End Knicks Win Streak And Continue Their Own
Despite all the Linsanity, the New Orleans Hornets walked into Madison Square Garden Friday night and linded the Knicks 7 game winning streak, beating New York 89-85. Despite several key injuries and three players on 10 day contracts, New Orleans has won 3 in a row.
What Are The Biggest Sports Manias In History?
New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has taken the sports world by storm with his linsational play. In a matter of 5 days, Lin had a cult-like following. Jeremy Lin mania is both ample and contagious. Having said that, he's not the first athlete to create a mania. What are the biggest sports …
Jeremy Lin: Fastest-Growing Athlete Brand In World
New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin is the fastest-growing athlete brand in the world. In fact, in the last week, it skyrocketed to $14 million. Is there anything the Asian-American, Harvard educated, NBA Eastern Conference player of the week can't do?

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