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Jeremy Lin To Sign Houston Rockets Offer Sheet
Oh the Linsanity. Point guard Jeremy Lin was all the rage in the sports world for several weeks in March. His remarkable play propelled the New York Knicks to a winning streak that had the entire sports world take notice. Now, Lin is being compensated for his play, agreeing to sign an offer sheet fr…
Is Lin’s New York Future In Jeopardy?
Linsanity. One word and people from all over the globe think of one man...Jeremy Lin. For about three weeks in late winter, New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin was all the rage in the sports world. He's set to become a restricted free agent soon, and many believe he'll return to the Big…
“Hurricane” Jeremy Lin Has Super Powers [VIDEO]
Some people say New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has super powers, and this may be proof.
For you non-wrestling fans, Lin is portrayed as "Hurricane" Lin, as a spoof to former WWE wrestler "Hurricane" Helms.
The other stuff is just great, with Lebron James playing Johnny, and Dwyan…
Jeremy Lin and ‘Linsanity’ Is Now a Hilarious Musical
Jeremy Lin and the ‘Linsanity’ that he created amongst fans with his nerd-chic Cinderella story has officially crossed over into the world of musical theater. While breaking into song may not be the best way to tell your peers that you are a future basketball star, his incredib…
David Letterman Tackles the Worst Jeremy Lin Puns
Jeremy Lin’s rise from obscure benchwarmer to NBA sensation has been the feel good story of February. However, there has been a dark side to the New Knicks point guard’s improbable ascent: the terrible, awful puns based on his last name.

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