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Oldest Professional Jocks Of All Time
Today we celebrate the 236 year old birthday of our great United States of America. As our Country grows older, let's celebrate the oldest professional jocks of All-Time. Whether it's a hockey player in his 50s, a boxer in his 60s, or a shot putter in his 100s (seriously!), there are only …
Coolest Athlete Homes
The value of an average U.S. home today is a little more than $147,000. The average value of a U.S. athlete's home is a tad bit higher. While it's difficult for elite athletes to sell off their luxurious real estate, they experience plenty of enjoyment living in it. Let's take a look …
Jamie Moyer Eyes 2012 Comeback
Pitcher Jamie Moyer, who is sitting out 2011, while recovering from Tommy John surgery, is eyeing a 2012 comeback, when he'll be 49 years of age. Phil Sheridan, of philly.com, has the story, below.