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Steve Nash To Lakers, Is LA A Contender Again?
When the Los Angeles Lakers season ended after getting pummeled by the Thunder in the playoffs, many NBA pundits thought the Lakers title window had slammed shut. Reports of either Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum being traded have littered the headlines. Then the Lakers landed Steve Nash, and suddenly...
Hill Takes Issue With Rose
Grant Hill snapped back at comments made by Jalen Rose. Rose, in a documentary about the Fab Five at Michigan, said that Hill's Duke Blue Devils “only recruited black players that were ‘Uncle Toms.'”
Suns Burn Hornets With Assist From Refs
New Orleans nearly completed a furious comeback in the final 20 seconds, but goaltending by Grant Hill was missed by the officials. Had the correct call been made, the game would've been tied at 104 with 4 seconds left. Phoenix hung on to win 104-102. "When I came back and looked at the fi…