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Frank McCourt Sells Dodgers, Fans Rejoice
Fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers have developed a true disdain in their heart for owner Frank McCourt. By willingly mishandling the team's finances, he bleeded the team dry for years. Today, he finally agreed to sell the team, their stadium, and the surrounding real estate. The agreement ends a …
Dodgers TV Deal Rejected By MLB
Dodgers owner Frank McCourt had a proposed TV deal worth $3 billion with Fox. McCourt would have received $385 million upfront, which would help him make payroll at the end of his month, and in the short-term future. Major League Baseball rejected the deal today, and issued a statement explaining wh…
Dodgers Lack Cash To Meet Payroll
The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Los Angeles Dodgers don't have enough money to meet their payroll at the end of the month. John Schlegel, of, has the story, below.