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What Is Tapenade? Why Does Peyton Manning Love It?
If you've watched the NFL this season, you've seen the endless Direct TV commercials. Deion Sanders, along with Peyton and Eli Manning shot several 30 second spots, one of which features Peyton and a jar of tapenade. So what is tapenade? For those of us not deeply experienced in the culina…
Was Bradshaw’s TD The Strangest In Super Bowl History?
New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw scored the final go-ahead points of Super Bowl XLVI. Sounds like a dream right? What makes the play especially memorable was Bradshaw's awkward reluctance to reach the end zone. Was it the strangest score in Super Bowl history?
Giants Score On Hail Mary Touchdown Pass In NFC Playoffs (Video)
This could have been the turning point of the NFC Divisional playoff game between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers.
Giants quarterback Eli Manning buys some time, and then throws up a 37-yard touchdown pass to receiver Hakeem Nicks to end the half.
The pass/catch gave the Giants a 20-10 h…
Top 10 NFL Jersey Sellers
Drew Brees and Eli Manning are both among the 10 best NFL jersey sellers of the year. Tim Tebow made the cut as well. However, all 3 quarterbacks trail 1 player who tops the list.
Ranking The NFL Quarterbacks
Quarterback is the most vital position on an NFL team.
In most instances, teams that have a quality guy behind center normally have a quality team.
Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Drew Brees (Saints), Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers), Eli Manning (Giants), Peyton Manning (Colts), and Tom Brady (Patriots) have g…

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