crush of the day

Celeb Crush—Brittney Payton
Brittney Payton is the daughter or Hall of Fame NFL running back Walter "Sweetness" Payton. If Walter was Sweetness his daughter must be "Little Sweetness" because she's making our teeth hurt she's so fine!
Celeb Crush—Rebecca Blumhagen
Rebecca Blumhagen is an actor, writer and filmmaker. She's currently starring as Sam in the HBO/Cinemax breakout series 'The Girl's Guide To Depravity', based on Heather Rutman’s cult blog of the same name.
Celeb Crush—Syd Wilder
Our celeb crush of the day Syd Wilder has two big things going for her -- her superb acting talents and comedic sensibilities. Why, what did you think we were alluding to?
You might recognize the busty actress from her role as Vicki in the cult classic 'Piranhaconda' and as an angel in the …
Celeb Crush—Jillian Conley
It seems like most novelists are nebbishy hermits who'd rather talk about how the English language is "dead as we know it" as opposed to basking in the glory of being a professional writer.

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