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17 Worst NFL Games Of 2012
When the NFL released its 2012 NFL schedule, many sports outlets had roundtable discussions about the best games of the 2012 season. Rather than follow in line, why not look at the 17 worst matchups of the 2012 season. Opening weekend, you've got the epic matchup of Christian Ponder and Blaine …
Vikings Release Donovan McNabb
The Minnesota Vikings released six-time Pro-Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb today. The 35 year old's brief staf in the Twin Cities was not a good one, going 1-5 in 6 starts with the Vikings. He was replaced by first round draft pick Christian Ponder as Minnesota began to build for the future. W…
20 Bold NFL Predictions
The NFL season is set to begin Thursday night when the Green Bay Packers host the New Orleans Saints. It will be the 1rst of 512 games this regular season. How about some bold NFL predictions for the 2011 season?
Redskins Looking To Move Down
The Washington Redskins may be eyeing a move down to draft a quarterback, in the 2011 NFL Draft, which begins on April 28. Pete Prisco, of, has the story, below.