Charles Barkley

15 Worst Athlete Commercials Ever
Why did Michael Jordan sport a Hitler mustache in a Hanes commercial? I mean seriously, what the heck? The ad would be forgettable otherwise, but because of Jordan's inability to use one swipe of a razor, it leads off a list of the 15 worst athlete commercials ever.
Which Broadcasters Do Players Like Best?
Sports Illustrated recently released a top 15 list, as voted on by current NBA players, of their favorite broadcasters in the business. No surprise that Charles Barkley is on the top, but how about Bill Walton cracking the top 10. Let's breakdown each pick, and what makes them good and bad.
Charles Barkley Does Karaoke, Butchers a Classic [VIDEO]
Sick of celebrities like Jim Carrey and Tracy Morgan, who are not only rich and famous, but also pretty darn good at karaoke?
We have the antidote to that in Charles Barkley, whose tuneless rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ at a Riverhead, Long Island karaoke…

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