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The Baseketball Conferences Hurt Most By Realignment
As the realignment reality in college athletics rages on, most fans have focused on what it means to their preferred conference in the sport of football. What about basketball? Several big time college basketball conferences will take a big time hit as a result of realignment, including the likes of…
Will The SEC Big 12 Bowl Alliance Be Rose Bowl East?
With a four team college football playoff all but guaranteed for the future, the NCAA's football postseason will soon receive a makeover. Will the SEC and Big 12's recent bowl agreement compare to the Big 10 and Pac 12 long-standing Rose Bowl alliance? With the BCS 2.0 fast approaching, th…
West Virginia Sues Big East
West Virginia was invited by the Big 12 to join their conference on Friday, but the Big East said it would hold the Mountaineers to a provision that requires notice of 27 months before a school can withdraw. The Mountaineers aren't too happy about that, and they are now suing the Big East, see…
Pac-12 Says No to Expansion
The Pac-12 Conference announced last night they would not expand in the forseeable future.
That put an end to the speculation that four Big 12 schools were ready to bolt and form a super-conference, the Pac-16.
No formal vote was taken on the four schools and the four schools did not formally apply...
Big 12, Big East Leftovers Talking Merger
With speculation that the Big 12 and Big East are going to cease to exist as we know them, the schools that could be left behind in conference realignment are talking about coming together.
Sources close to the situation say that the two conferences would merge under the Big 12 umbrella because of a …
Les Miles Would Welcome Texas A&M To The SEC
LSU Tigers head football coach Les Miles is all for Texas A&M joining the SEC. SEC chancellors and presidents unanimously to accept A&M to the SEC. Now A&M awaits approval from the Big 12. If and when the Aggies become an SEC member, Miles will be extremely excited about the addition.
Is The SEC Targeting Missouri?
With Texas A&M announcing they'd leave the Big 12 next year, The Big 12 will be down to 9 teams by July 2012. 25% of the original members (Nebraska, Colorado, A&M) will be gone in less than a year. Could that number continue to grow? Could the SEC be targeting Missouri?

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