How Did The Human Polls Give Us A Rematch?
The human polls made every vote count when deciding who would play for the BCS National Championship. Under the current BCS formula that weighs two thirds of the ranking on the human polls, No. 2 and No. 3 have never been this close. In the end, Alabama beat out Oklahoma State for a slot in the big …
A Guide To BCS Scenarios
With two weeks left in College football's regular season, there is plenty still to be determined. After last weekend's wild and unforeseen events, who knows what the BCS will look like on December 4th. However, if you're curious about possible scenarios, here they are.
BCS Running Out Of Options
BCS officials have always stood firm in their belief that there will never be a playoff in college football. Playoff advocates have drawn up scenarios for years about how the BCS would leave many fans unsatisfied. A rematch of LSU and Alabama would satisfy Tide fans, and that's about it. Howeve…
BCS: SEC 1-2-3
The new BCS Standings are out and it's a clean sweep for the Southeastern Conference.
LSU, Alabama and Arkansas are 1-2-3 in the latest rankings.
Oklahoma State, who dropped their first game over the weekend, fell to fourth, with Virginia Tech, 10-1, checking in at #5...
Could The BCS Be Headed For Chaos?
The current BCS rankings were released Sunday night. There were no big surprises, as LSU ranked 1 with Oklahoma State next in line. If both squads finish the year undefeated, they will play for a national championship. However, if one, or both teams lose between now and then, get ready for complete …
From the Bird’s Nest: My Harris Poll Vote
Because of the difficulty in getting home from Nashville last week, I neglected to post this. So, here we are after a one week absence with my Harris Poll vote for this week.
Over the next few weeks this all is going to shake out. Stanford still must play Oregon, LSU has to play Arkansas, Oklahoma …
LSU Tops First BCS Standings
It shouldn't come as a shock that schools from the Southeastern Conference are #1 and #2 in the first BCS Standings released Sunday evening.
Two Big 12 schools, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, were #3 and #4.  Oklahoma State was #1 in the computer rankings, but are only ranked sixth in the two…

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