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Report Says Ray Lewis Used A Banned Substance
In a report that will that is scheduled to be released on Monday, Sports Illustrated will report that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was given a product to help heal his torn triceps that contains a substance that is banned by the NFL
Previewing Sunday’s Wild Card Matchups
Sunday's NFL games begin at noon, and they feature two pretty intriguing matchups.
The Baltimore Ravens host the Indianapolis Colts in game one.  The Colts (11-5) actually have a better record than the Ravens (10-6), but have to travel because they're a wild card team, finishing second…
Steelers Lose Second Quarterback-Leftwich Out
After losing Ben Roethlisberger to an injury last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers will now look to their third quarterback this weekend against Cleveland.
Charlie Batch, 37, will get the start for Pittsburgh after Byron Leftwich was ruled out because of a fractured rib suffered in a 13-10 loss to the B…
NFL And Referees Reach Deal To End Lockout, Replacements Done
Hallelujah football fans! The NFL and the locked-out officials have reached an agreement to end the lockout, and return the Ed Hochuli's of the world back to the football field. After 48 hours of non-stop negotiations, the two sides finally came to a concurrence. Bye, bye replacement officials.…

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