With just two weeks left in the conference season, two teams are going to get left out of the Sun Belt Conference Tournament, scheduled for May 21-25 at Eddie Stanky Field in Mobile.

But as we try to figure out who has to win what, something else this weekend has to be factored in:  the weather.

The final standings are determined by winning percentage.  And, as a result, the weather could help...or hurt...teams as they jockey for position.

Here's the lineup...and the weather forecast for this weekend.

WKU (13-11. 27-22) AT UT ARLINGTON (13-11, 24-25)

Sun Belt Conference Games Statistics

WKU--Batting .310 (2nd), Pitching 4.85 (6th), Fielding .966 (5th)

UTA--Batting .297 (3rd), Pitching 4.99 (7th), Fielding .962 (T-6th)

UTA at home:  14-13, WKU on the road:  10-14

Weather:  Shouldn't be a factor

OUTLOOK:  Two of the most dangerous hitting teams in the Sun Belt square off this weekend.  But the series could be just to see who wears the home jerseys on the first day of the tournament.  The teams are tied for fourth, two games out of third and 2.5 games away from sixth.  Both Justin Hageman of WKU and Daniel Milliman of UTA have pitched really well in league play, but as a staff, both teams have had their issues.  The winner of this series obviously have a leg up on their opponent for seeding.  But between these two and Louisiana, you could have a lot of runs scored on that side of the bracket come tournament time, assuming these teams finish fourth and fifth.

GEORGIA STATE (9-15, 23-25) AT UL MONROE (9-15, 19-30)

Sun Belt Conference Games Statistics

GEORGIA STATE:  Batting:  .263 (6th), Pitching:6.09 (9th), Fielding: .953 (9th)

ULM:  Batting:  .241 (10th), Pitching 7.45 (10th), Fielding .947 (10th)

ULM at home 14-11, Georgia State on road: 5-13

Weather:  80% chance of rain Friday, 40% Saturday, 20% Sunday

Both teams need this series badly, as they currently are tied for 7th, 1.5 games out of sixth and 1/2 game out of ninth.  ULM has played .500 ball in conference play under Bruce Peddie and they've won seven of nine at home.  The question becomes, will they get all three games in?  If so, the winner of this series would have the tiebreaker in case of a tie in the standings.  But if they play only two games and each team wins one, then it might come down to whether ULM can steal a game in Lafayette next weekend.

TROY (8-15, 21-27) AT ARKANSAS STATE (15-9, 27-21)

Sun Belt Conference Games Statistics:

TROY:  Batting .283 (4th), Pitching 5.44 (8th)  Fielding: .972 (2nd)

A-STATE:  Batting .262 (7th), Pitching 4.17 (3rd), Fielding:  .971 (3rd)

A-State at home:  17-7, Troy on road:  7-12

Weather:  80% chance of rain Friday, 30% Saturday, 20% Sunday

We all know Tomlinson Stadium is not an easy place to win and that doesn't bode well for the Trojans, who currently stand 1/2 game out of a tournament spot.  ASU is fighting for second, and, in this league, every position counts.  In this case, the third place team will probably have to play the host team in the first round.  So, this series is big for both teams.  Troy had trouble scoring runs last weekend in San Marcos.  It's not going to be a lot easier in Jonesboro.  They may have to play two games Saturday and one Sunday, but there's a good chance they'll get all three in.

UALR (7-17, 21-26) AT TEXAS STATE (15-9,. 27-21)

Sun Belt Conference Games Statistics:

UALR:  Batting .262 (T-7th), Pitching:4.51 (5th), Fielding:  .960 (8th)

TEXAS STATE:  Batting: .280 (5th), Pitching: 2.97 (1st), Fielding: .967 (4th)

Texas State at home:  21-6, UALR on road:  4-17

Weather:30% chance of rain Friday

LIke Arkansas State, the Bobcats would love to finish second and they'll be heavily favored to take care of UALR this weekend.  The Bobcats have been very good at home and their conference team ERA is more than a run better than anyone else.  UALR has a nearly impossible task, currently sitting two games out of eighth, and still has Arkansas State this weekend.  With UTA on the horizon on the road, Texas State needs to make sure they don't stumble this weekend.

LOUISIANA (43-7, 20-4) AT SOUTH ALABAMA (10-13, 21-16)

Sun Belt Conference Games Statistics:

UL:  Batting:  .333 (1st), Pitching 4.11 (2nd), Fielding .975 (1st)

USA:  Batting .259 (9th), Pitching:  4.32 (4th)  Fielding:  .962 (T-6th)

USA at home:  10-12, UL on road:  19-2

Weather:  80% chance of rain Friday, 70% Saturday, 30% Sunday.  Flash Flood Watch in effect Friday and Saturday.

The Cajuns need just one win to clinch the #1 seed in the tournament and it's possible the clinching could happen by the time the Cajuns get to play a game.  Heavy rains a week ago have caused a saturation in the ground, and that, combined with this weekend's forecast, is the reason for the weather watch.  South Alabama looks destined for the #6 seed, barring a collapse by them, or by WKU or UTA.  They'll try to get all three in, but don't be surprised if it's just a Sunday doubleheader.