While many are mocking "Livestrong" in the wake of huge backlash due to Lance Armstrong's recent admission to using PEDs, Stuart Scott is still praising it's core principles. Yesterday, the animated ESPN anchor announced via Twitter that his cancer has returned.

Blessed by prayers..I'm back in the Fight. C reared its head again. Chemo evry 2 wks but I'll still work, still work out..still #LIVESTRONG

Immediately, Scott was blanketed with sympathy from his followers, including RGIII, and many of his industry counterparts. With every reply to their tweets it is clear that Stuart Scott is ready to fight with all guns blazing.

Thanks for prayers..ill fight w ALL C survivors & loved ones. Cancer wants to re-appear..picked the right guy cuz I HIT HARD all day long!!

He also revealed his routine during chemo.

Here's what I do right aftr chemo. Leave the infusion center & go STRAIGHT 2 either do a p90x wkout or train MMA..THATS how you #LIVESTRONG

Scott - known for some of the best catch phrases in ESPN history - first faced cancer back in 2007 after falling sick during a Monday Night Football game. An emergency appendectomy revealed the cancer, and after six months of chemo, he was cancer-free until early 2011. He was treated once again, but it looks like the cancer has returned again.

Stuart Scott's positivity in the face of adversity is definitely an inspiration. As one of my personal favorites in the business, I definitely wish him all the best.