New Orleans Saints offensive lineman Zach Strief plays many roles for one of the best front lines in the NFL. As a free agent, the lockout has left the big man in a state of uncertainty. Strief's preference would be to remain in the Crescent City.  James Varney of and the Times Picayune has more, followed by more blogging from Scott.

While Strief did not go into detail, he said the indications he got from the Saints following the 2010 season were that the club still has a vision for him in New Orleans and he hopes that does not change.  "I think I want to be here; I think they want me here," Strief said. "There's certainly more to it than that at times, but I know they told me they wanted me to come back, they wanted me to be here and I want to be here. And so then it comes down to the unfortunate side of everything in the business - seeing if we can get something done. Hopefully we do, and if not I've certainly appreciated my time here."

Hopefully, Strief will be back with the Saints this season. Having a backup offensive lineman that can give you 5 to 10 snaps at tight end, fill in at either tackle spot, and occasionally line up as a fullback, is a luxury that many teams would pay good money for.

Zach has been a consummate professional since being drafted in the 7th round of the 2006 NFL draft. Marques Colston was also taken later in the 7th round, and is the "poster child" for the ultimate late round steal. Because of Colston's brilliance, many Saints fans forget how much of a steal Strief was. Zach has been productive in 71 games for the Saints, and was a key player on the 2009 Super Bowl team.