So, I’m having lunch at my desk on this cloudy Tuesday afternoon (it’s Meatball Stew day at Landry’s Café) and I’m  catching up on Twitter.  And, I see a tweet from our good friend Josh Parrott (former Ragin’ Cajuns beatwriter now freelancing in the Houston area) that piqued my interest.  He had a link to a story concerning a recent baseball game in New Orleans involving rival schools Jesuit and Archbishop Rummel.

And I was appalled by what I read.

The game featured two college signees:  Rummel’s Mitch Sewald (LSU) and Jesuit’s Emerson Gibbs (Tulane).  For the record,  Jesuit won the game, 2-1, in eighteen innings.

Must have been a heck of a game.

But, unfortunately, the game wasn’t the story.

Sewald pitched ten innings and threw 154 pitches.  Gibbs pitched fifteen innings and threw a whopping 193 pitches.

Now, I certainly understand wanting to win games, especially against one of your big rivals.

I don’t understand putting a young man’s future in jeopardy in order to do it.

Noted orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, has said the recommended pitch count for a 17-18 year old is 105 pitches.

That wasn’t surpassed, it was obliterated.

I wonder how LSU coach Paul Manieri and Tulane’s Rick Jones feel about this.

I also wonder how coaches Joey Latino and Nick Monica still have jobs.

Thanks to Josh for bringing this article to light.

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