Well, you can't blame him for trying.

Then again, you can sure punish him.

This is video of a soccer played named Celsinho, who is defender for a Brazilian team, who tried to sneak onto the pitch, to make a save.

Celsinho was behind the goal, getting treated for a cramp, when he ran to assist his goalkeeper, who had vacated the net.

The problem is, you can't do that!

Here's the deal, though; the match ended in a 2-2, so maybe it was worth it.

I'm Alicia Silverstone, when it comes to soccer..."Clueless"...but from everything I gather, the game was resumed on a free kick inside the penanly area, so at least in the game, the move was beneficial.

On the downsside, at least for Celsinho, he has received a six-match ban for his antics.