Tiger Woods announced Tuesday that he would skip the British Open, citing irritation in his left knee and achilles tendon. His announcement was not a surprise. In a released statement, Tiger said, "Doctors have again advised rest, cold-water therapy and soft tissue treatment." Should Woods skip more than just the British Open? Would it be better for him in the long run to sit out the remainder of this year?

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! sports thinks so.

Long ago Tiger put all his eggs in the break-Nicklaus’-record basket. It’s led to him viewing each major championship as an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. It’s led him to hurry back, full of the kind of gumption that led him to believe he could win at less than 100 percent.

He admits he even extended that to the Players Championship, the so-called fifth major.

“In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have competed at the Players, but it’s a big event, and I wanted to be there to support the tour,” Woods said. “I’ve got to learn from what I did there and do it right this time and not come back until I’m ready.”


It's been nearly two years since Tiger has won a tournament. The few times we have seen him golf in that time span, he has been extremely inconsistent, at times showing the skill set that made him the best in the world, and other times making us wonder if he'll ever be "Tiger" again.