After NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp accused him of "snitching" on his former team (New Orleans Saints) in regards to "bountygate," Jeremy Shockey vehemently denied the accusation, going as far as saying he'll happily take a polygraph test on live TV.

Shockey was not shy about how much the 'snitch' allegation bothered him.

"I love my time in New Orleans and now people are killing me on social media thinking I did this. I love Who Dat nation," explained Shockey. Jeremy also expressed how close he is with his former coach Sean Payton.

Earlier today, Shockey tweeted out a photo of a text message he shared with his former coach in New Orleans. Jeremy conveyed to Sean Payton how sorry he was for the one year suspension, and then explained to him how crazy Sapp's accusation was. Coach Payton responded to the text by saying, "Shock your my guy and always will be!! I know you had nothing to do with that stuff sap said!! Hell you were in the offensive mtgs with me!! Love ya. Sean."

He also fired back at Sapp in a Yahoo! story from Jason Cole. Jeremy attacked Warren's credibility and character, saying, "Sapp can say what he wants about me, but if he really says that he'll put his life on the line for his source, we'll see. I've never been a guy who failed multiple drug tests. I've never been divorced. I don't have four kids by four different women. I don't lie. This attacks my character and it's not fair."

For more on Shockey's response, click here. The story comes to you from Jason Cole of Yahoo! sports.