Shawn Long was an absolute beast for the Ragin' Cajuns. He kept grinding in the D-League with the Delaware 87ers, and he finally earned a spot in the NBA.

After watching Long dominante his opponents in the D-League, the 76ers decided to call Long up to the big league and offer him a 10-day contract. In his first game with Philadelphia, Long made the most of his minutes and put on a show down low.

Long made a living with Louisiana rebounding the basketball and dominating the paint. In his first NBA game, he posted 13 points and seven rebounds in only 15 minutes of play. He provided nonstop energy and attitude, and he was one of the most active players on the floor when he got a chance to enter the game.

Every Ragin' Cajuns basketball fan should be proud of Long. It was a long journey for him to reach the NBA, but if he keeps playing like this he could have a long, fruitful career.

Not only did Long crank out impressive numbers in a short amount of time, he made some impressive individual plays. He blocked a shot on defense, hit a three, rebounded the basketball and put the ball in the basket. He made his dream come true, and it's only his first game.

The flip shot he hit off the glass was incredible. He earned his chance in the NBA, and it doesn't look like he wants to give up his spot any time soon. Long's performance clearly caught the attention of his teammates and coaches with the 76ers, but he also made his former teammates and Ragin' Cajun family proud.

His former teammate, Elfrid Payton, was a lottery pick in the NBA Draft, but he clearly made time to watch Long hit the court in his debut. Louisiana Head Coach Bob Marlin beamed with pride when talking about Long reaching the NBA, and current Green Bay Packer Christian Ringo paid some respect to a fellow Ragin' Cajun who earned his spot in the pro's the hard way.

It's a good sign when reporters want to talk to you after your first game. Media members shoved microphones and cameras in Long's face after his debut, and he tried to put his emotions and thoughts into words.

Congratulations to Shawn. One of the best big men in the history of Ragin' Cajuns Basketball paved his ways to the pro's, and it looks like he's there to stay.