Shackleford held on to win the Preakness Saturday, beating favorite Animal Kingdom by a half-length at Pimlico. Animal Kingdom, the Kentucky Derby winner, made a late charge, but fell just short. Jockey Jesus Castanon rode Shackleford to victory, assuring there will be no Triple Crown winner this year. Here is more from the AP and

Soaked with sweat, Shackleford bucked and kicked until crewmen finally shoved him into the No. 5 gate at the Preakness.  One-half ton of horseflesh all but screamed, "Get me out of here."

Less than two minutes after the gate sprang open, the nervous colt was a cool classic winner.

Shackleford Takes Preakness by half-length

Shackleford's win proved to be very entertaining. Flashpoint made it interesting early, while Animal Kingdom challenged Shackleford late. In the end,  Animal Kingdom needed the Preakness to be about 1o lengths longer.

Animal Kingdom's loss takes away from the Belmont Stakes. The suspense and hype leading up to the Stakes would have begun building yesterday had Animal Kingdom pulled out the late victory. The guarantee of having no shot at a Triple Crown tempers the hype.