The New Orleans Saints will play host to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday afternoon at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, La.

Of course, the Rams were formerly the Los Angeles Rams, from 1946-1998, before moving to St. Louis, from 1999-2016, and then back to Los Angeles this year.

Since the Saints played their first game back in 1967, the two franchises have played some memorable games, having competed in the NFC West together from 1970-2001.

The Rams dominated that division in the 70’s, winning six-consecutive division titles, from 1974-1979.

Sunday’s match-up will mark the 73rd all-time meeting between the two, with the Rams leading, 40-32.

This week, we’re taking a look at five memorable match-ups between the two franchises.

On Monday, we went back to 1967, the very first game in Saints’ history, for the first memorable game.

On Tuesday, we went back to September of 1971, for our second memorable game, the first ever win over the Rams by the Saints.

On Wednesday, for out third memorable game, we went back to November 26, 1972, almost 44 years ago, when the Saints stunned the Rams.

On Thursday, for our fourth memorable game, we went back to 1983, for arguably the most heartbreaking defeat in franchise history.

Today, for our final memorable Saints/Rams game, we go back to the first ever playoff win in franchise history for the Saints, a 31-28 triumph over the Rams, back on December 30 of 2000.

The Saints led, 31-7, before the Rams cut the lead to 31-28, when Az-Zahir-Hakeem muffed a punt, which secured a New Orleans win.

New Orleans, who was playing with all of their starting skill-position players, who were all injured, who led by quarterback Aaron Brooks, who threw for 266 yards and 4 touchdowns, and receiver Willie Jackson, who caught 6 passes for 142 yards, to go along with 3 touchdowns.

Below, Saints broadcaster Jim Henderson provides the historic call of Hakim's muff of the punt: