The New Orleans Saints and their star quarterback Drew Brees have been involved in a contract negotiation deadlock for the entire offseason. Perhaps they are finally making progress as ESPN's Ed Werder is reporting that Saints GM Mickey Loomis submitted a revised contract proposal to Drew Brees today.

Exact details of the new proposal are unknown at this time.

The two sides had broken off talks for months, but finally resumed negotiations earlier this week. Numerous reports indicate that Tom Condon (Brees' agent) is seekng about $2 million more per season (and in particular the first 3 seasons of a potential 5 year deal) than what the Saints had been offering.

Brees, 33, has not signed the exclusive franchise tag tender the Saints placed on him earlier this offseason. If no long-term deal is reached by July 16th, Brees would only be allowed to play on the one year franchise tag in training camp, the preseason, and the first week of the regular season. Once the season would begin, the two sides would be allowed to negotiate a long-term deal. Brees' current tag is worth $16.371 million.

However, both sides believe it won't come to that, and feel that a long-term deal will be agreed upon before July 16th. The report today of a new proposal might speed up the process.