The Miami Marlins continue to prove why they are the most pathetic franchise in North American sports.

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and his brother own a barbeque restaurant in Miami called Brother Jimmy's. Vilma and his brother made the mistake of trusting the Miami Marlins.

Vilma and the MLB team reached an agreement to open up a Brother Jimmy's BBQ Stand in the Marlins' new stadium. Things didn't go as planned, and now Vilma and the Marlins are both suing one another.

The Marlins are suing Vilma, claiming he didn't give 60 days' notice that they were terminating the agreement for 2013, as well as failing to pay a $75,000 sponsorship fee in 2012.

Vilma and his brother are suing the Marlins, claiming the contract never called for a sponsorship fee, and that they only agreed to allow the team to prepare and sell their food at a discount under the Brother Jimmy's name. Vilma maintains the stand had to be shutdown because the team ruined the food with poor preparation and awful cooking.

Perhaps the biggest mistake Vilma and his colleagues made were paying $25,000 to the Marlins in "good faith", rather than reaching an official agreement.

Miami Marlins ownership has proven time and time again to be shady, untruthful, and full of broken promises.

"We can't have a one off in the Marlins stadium being the worst place to go for Brother Jimmy's and on top of that being one of the newer locations and a more visible location within Miami," Vilma said. "Hopefully we'll get it rectified. As I said, it's an unfortunate situation, they oversold us, I think we all know the Marlins have been doing a good job of that the past couple years."

Vilma In Middle Of Lawsuit With Marlins


Don't expect Vilma to back down. This is a man who sued NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for defamation and "false statements."

"False statements" should be the new name of the Miami Marlins.